• What is PSA?

    Pakistan Zindabad - پاکستان زِنده باد‎

    PSA UO - Mission

    To help students gain a higher perspective and knowledge on the culture of Pakistan by interacting through student-run events based at the University of Ottawa.

    - To propagate and promote Pakistani culture and heritage among Pakistani-Canadians
    - To carry on social and cultural activities.
    - To provide an opportunity for its members to learn and nurture the Pakistani language.
    - To provide a means for interaction among various generations of Pakistani-Canadians and individuals of non-Pakistani descent in the uOttawa community interested in Pakistani culture.
    - PSA would not enforce religious beliefs on any members in anyway.
    - PSA at uOttawa will operate in compliance with all relevant uOttawa policies.


    PSA is a group at the University of Ottawa whose mandate is to promote social and cultural events in order to allow members to embrace the Pakistani tradition. The events we organize are mainly for the sheer enjoyment of the group members and include but are not limited to activities, formals, or social gatherings. The events we organize benefit the SFUO and the University of Ottawa by building a bridge between other SFUO clubs & associations by helping students interact with others and help gain a better knowledge on what the campus has to offer.

  • Your Executives

    2020-2021 PSA uOttawa Executive Team

    Sauban Abdus Samad


    Hey, I'm Sauban, i'm a 3rd year of his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. Born in Karachi; raised Dubai. I moved to Canada in 2016 to finish the remaining years of high school and then pursue higher education. Even through my years in school in Dubai and Canada, I have always found ways to represent the Pakistani culture within the community. My ultimate goal is to demolish some stereotypes that people, unfortunately, have about the beautiful country that is Pakistan. When not in Ottawa, you will probably find me on Gerard Street in Toronto with a plate of Gol Gappay in one hand and Kashmiri chai in the other.

    Mesum Jafri

    VP Finance

    Hey, I’m Mesum! I’m a second year student in International studies and Arabic. I was born in Karachi, but moved to and grew up in Belleville, ON. I believe fiercely that food is the gateway to the soul and am hopeful that with good biryani and positive exposure we can show uOttawa what it really means to be Pakistani!


    Ayesha Qadri

    VP Operations

    Hi, My name is Ayesha Qadri and I am in my third year of undergraduate studies in Health Sciences. I was born in Karachi but I also call Islamabad my home as I have spent quite some time in both these beautiful cities. I moved to Canada in 2015. I am very passionate about my Pakistani culture and promoting its values and beauty through social events that invite people of all ethnicities and cultures to learn more about it. My main goal as a PSA executive is to foster a celebratory environment towards Pakistani culture.

    Ayesha Khan

    VP Marketing

    Hi, My name Ayesha Khan, I am in my 3rd year of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. I has always been passionate and I am very proud of my culture, I am looking forward to being a part of social events that welcome people of all ethnicities to learn more about Pakistan! My main goal as a PSA executive is to give Pakistani students a sense of identity on campus and correct commonly held misconceptions about Pakistani culture.

    Fatima Nadeem Butt

    VP Logistics

    Hey! My name is Fatima Nadeem Butt and I am a third-year student studying in Visual Arts. Born in Lahore, I moved to Canada when I was 4. The love of my country had me traveling back and forth, especially for my granny’s scrumptious biryani. I am determined to put forth a positive image of Pakistan and bring homie vibes to the students with my ingenuity and experiences from the past events organized in Pakistan.

    Moatter Syed

    Public Relations Officer

    Hello! My name is Moatter! I’m a third year student at UOttawa currently completing my undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science and working towards becoming a doctor! Despite being born and raised in Ottawa, I have always had a strong admiration for Pakistan and its rich culture, including the breathtaking landscapes and numerous tourist attractions. Being further away from Pakistan has drawn me even closer to it. As an executive member of PSA, I hope to show others too, how truly beautiful this country is and how much more it has to offer. I look forward to organizing events that not only stay true to the Pakistani culture but also welcome people of other ethnicities too. As someone who hopes for an even brighter and beautiful Pakistan, I also hope to diminish common misconceptions and show people “kai kitna khoobsurat hai hamara Pakistan”!

    Zulekha Rehman

    General Secretary

    I am a second year student currently pursuing my Honours in Political Science and Law here at uOttawa. Hailing from Faisalabad, I have lived in more than 4 countries throughout my childhood and recently immigrated to Canada in 2016. I am an avid chai drinker who is immensely fond and proud of her rich Punjabi heritage. Being a part of PSA, my goal is to showcase and connect uOttawa with the beauty that Pakistani culture has to bring forward. If not drinking chai, you’ll either find me debating at Model Parliaments or watching Bollywood movies.

    Hammad Ghazali

    Social Media Coordinator

    Hi, my name is Hammad, I am a fourth-year student studying Finance. Raised in Kuwait, I always felt close to Pakistan due to a huge Pakistani diaspora in Kuwait. I am very passionate about cricket and represented the Kuwait national team at the under-19 level, I play a key role in promoting and playing cricket at uOttawa. I am an advocate for promoting the positive image of Pakistan by organizing events that highlight the Pakistani culture, music, cuisine and cricket.

    Hamas Qureshi

    Web Developer

    Hamas Qureshi is doing his undergraduate studies in Software Engineering and is currently in his second year. Born and raised in Karachi, he moved to Canada three years ago to pursue higher education. He believes in promoting the values and culture of Pakistan within the Canadian Community by various. He is currently working on a website project for PSA uOttawa.

  • Membership


    The PSA is composed of students, alumni, and staff of the University of Ottawa.


    Any member of the University of Ottawa community (including students, staff, faculty, and alumni) has the right to become a member. The executive body has the right to grant membership to anyone who has an interest in the Pakistani language and culture and in maintaining social contact with the PSA.


    Membership in the PSA:

    1. Is acquired by registering with the PSA Executive body

    2. Expires annually after annual elections

    To apply, please download and fill out the form below, and send it to our email at psa.ottawau@gmail.com or fill out the SurveyMonkey for general membership.   


  • Executive Team Application Form

    Please submit this application form to psa.ottawau@gmail.com



  • Events

    Upcoming Events:

    Ottawa's International Week!!

    ► Formal | Dinner & Dance ◄
    ► Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 ◄
    ► Event Timings: 1pm-4pm ◄
    ► Venue ◄

    Jock Turcot University Centre (UCU)
    85 University Private, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5


    Ottawa's Official South Asian Formal!!



    ☆☆☆ PSA UO | ISF | PSA CU | SACS | CUBSA | ISS | CMC | Urban Desi Events & Ent. ☆☆☆



    ► Formal | Dinner & Dance ◄
    ► Saturday March 21ST, 2020 ◄
    ► Doors open at 6:00 PM ◄

    ► Venue ◄
    St. Anthony's Banquet
    523 St Anthony Street, Ottawa, ON
    Parking is Avaliable at Banquet Hall, Street Parking, Adult High School Staff Parking & Home Hardware Parking Lot

    ► Tickets ◄
    Early Birds: $50
    Regular: $60
    (Coat Check Meet & Greet Included)


    •Coat Check Included in Ticket Prices •

    ► Dress Code ◄
    - Formal
    - Traditional/Western
    - Dress to Impress
    - No Jeans or Casual Wear

    ☆MUSIC BY☆

    Official DJs
    ✦✦✦ TBA ✦✦✦

    | Bollywood | Bhangra | Hip-Hop | Urban Desi | Dancehall & MUCH MORE


    TBA 💃🕺💃
    TBA 🕺💃🕺



    ►Buffet Dinner ◄


    ► Bar ◄
    - $5 x Alcoholic Drink
    - $1 x Pop


    ►ALL AGES EVENT with 19+ Licensed Bar ◄
    - Government ID Required
    - Student ID Required
    - R.O.A.R in Effect (Right of Admission Reserved)
    - Blacklist in Effect

    ► Tickets & Contact Information ◄

    Tickets will not be sold online. Stay tuned for ticket details!

    • University of Ottawa •
    Pakistani Students' Association uOttawa: 613-263-8510/514-652-3970
    Indian Students' Federation - University of Ottawa: 613-252-5434
    South Asian Culture Society - uOttawa:

    • Carleton University •l
    Carleton University Bangladesh Students' Association: 613-408-1067
    Carleton Multicultural Club: 613-889-7796

    •Algonquin College•
    Indian Students Society: 343-543-4999

    •UrbanDesi Events & Entertainment•

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    ► Indian Students Society Algonquin College

    Proud Sponsors:

    For sponsorship and details please contact:

    Pakistani Students' Association uOttawa: 613-263-8510/514-652-3970
    Indian Students' Federation - University of Ottawa: 613-252-5434

    Ottawa's Official South Asian Semi-Formal!!

    ► Formal | Dinner & Dance ◄
    ► Friday, October 25, 2019 ◄
    ► Doors open at 7:00 PM ◄
    ► Venue ◄
    Ukranian Banquet Hall

    1000 Byron Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0J3


    ► Tickets ◄


    ► Dress Code ◄
    - Formal
    - Traditional/Western

    Past Events:

    Aatish Meet & Greet BBQ

    October 19th 2018

    Britannia Park 5:00pm



    Ramadan Iftar Dinner

    In observance of Ramadan, PSA would like to invite all students to join us for free Iftaar on Friday June 8th at 8pm. Iftar is the meal eaten at sunset after the day of fasting during the month of Ramadan.

    Fasting means to abstain from all kinds of food or drink. You can try fasting for the day or you can simply come for dinner and enjoy a night of food and friends! This is open to anyone who wants to come, so feel free to bring friends. The event will be held at the University of Ottawa MRT 218

    Questions? please don't hesitate to contact any PSA executives. See you all on 8th June!





    ☆☆☆ FT. FATEH DOE ☆☆☆

    ► Formal | Dinner & Dance ◄
    ► Saturday, March 10, 2018 ◄
    ► Doors open at 6:00 PM ◄
    ► Venue ◄
    St. Anthony's Banquet
    523 St Anthony Street, Ottawa, ON
    ► Tickets ◄
    Early Birds: $45 (SOLD OUT)
    Regular: $50
    VIP: $60 (***Limited*** ; Includes Meet & Greet with Artists)
    ► Dress Code ◄
    - Formal
    - Traditional/Western

    ► Tickets & Contact Information ◄
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    PSA uOttawa:
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    Bollywood Beat - Eve Lounge

    Presented by: ISF, PSA UO, BOTN

    Friday Oct 7th 2016 - Come out and socialize with your typical desi crowd and dance the night away.

    9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

    Early Bird Tickets: $10

    Door Tickets: $15

    For tickets contact: 819-328-8151


    Students Guidance and Mentoring Session

    Presented by: CPA, PSA UO, PSA CU

    Location: SITE A0150

    Saturday, October 8th 2016 - 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    With guidance from scholars of various field come join PSA and CPA for some networking and refreshments will be provided.


    PRESENTED to you by CPA & PSA

    Adult High School

    Nov 19th 2016 - 6:30 PM - 12:00 AM

    Tickets starting from $20, $35, $50.

    For tickets contact: 613-265-1072 / (613) 263-0530




    *** PSA Shugal & Game Night ***

    Are you tired of studying? Wanna just take a break and dont know how? Come to the PSA Shugal and Game Night!! Have a blast challenging the PSA execs with your gaming skills, whether its Ludo, Carom or a game of your own! This is a great chance to discover new games and people to play them with! Entrance is free, and pizza and snacks will be available for purchase. Bring your friends and join us in a fun and relaxed environment!


    November 10th 2016

    7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Location: A04 CBY - Student Lounge, 161 Louis-Pasteur,

    University of Ottawa - Colonel By

    Atif Aslam LIVE in Ottawa -

    October 28th 2016 7:30pm

    PSA uOttawa is proudly collaborating with ABV Friends Entertainment for a magical and a memorable night to remember which will feature Pakistani bollywood sensation the one & only Atif Aslam along with Ottawa's very own Young Singh, Sagar G and Miztah Brown! Tickets go on sale Monday Oct 3rd and we will be selling tickets everyday at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, for more details feel free to message us on our page!




    PSA uOttawa:


    PSA Carleton:

    Raat Jashan Di - SEMI FORMAL 2016 - SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH 2016

    ☆☆☆ PSA UO | ISF | UOSAB | CISA | PSA CU | CSLSA ☆☆☆


    PSA UO, CISA, ISF, PSA CU, UOSAB, CSLSA...present Raat Jashan Di! That's right, it's that time of the year again and we have teamed up to organize a night to remember! Here's a night you don't want to miss, so you better keep November 26th clear on your calendar!


    ► Semi-Formal | Dinner & Dance ◄
    ►Saturday, November 26th, 2016◄
    ►Doors open at 6:30 PM ◄
    ► Ukrainian Banquet Hall ◄


    ► Tickets ◄
    - Early Birds: $25.00
    - Regular: $30.00


    ► Dress Code ◄
    - Semi-Formal
    - Traditional/Western


    University of Ottawa
    PSA uOttawa: 613 263-0530/613-265-1072

    GeeGee's Vs. Ravens Cricket Clash!

    Oct 9th 2016

    Location: Lynda Lane Park 12:00 - 4:00

    Practice your swing and lace your shoes, the uOttawa vs. CarletonU Cricket Clash is happening this Sunday, October 9th!

    Come by to show us how deep cricket runs in your blood!

    The match is a T20 hardball game and food and beverages will be provided!

    Spectators are welcome to come enjoy the food and live cricket entertainment whilst cheering for your favourite side!

    For more information, please visit the event page on facebook:


    Bond with your fellow Pakistanis by joining us for our upcoming activities! Add us on snapchat (psauottawa) and view our story at each event!

    Spring/Summer Semester 2016:

    PSA Annual Iftar - Sunday June 12th 2016 (collab w/ PSA CU)

    LMX 342, 339 uOttawa

    PSA Annual Iftar 2.0 - July 3rd 2016 (collab w/ PSA CU)

    uOttawa Campus Couch Lounge

    SummerBash Mango Festival 16' - Saturday July 30th 2016 (collab w/ PSA CU/ ISF UO)

    Lynda Lane Park

    Friday, Sept., 9th, 2016 - Chand Raat Eid Bazaar (Hellenic Banquet Hall, 5pm - 12 am)

    - https://www.facebook.com/events/603199493181747/


    Thursday Sept, 8th, 2016 - 101Week Table, Outside UCU


    Sept 13th/14th Tuesday/Wednesday - Clubs Week Table, Inside UCU!

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